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SoftCollab is built by and improved everyday by a team of musicians with composers, producers, and audio engineers in mind.

No Password

One Time Code

When you want to login, you enter your email address, a "One TIme Password" is sent to you and you simply enter the Code to login.

Donation Based

Community Driven

As our platform is starting off, we run fully based on donations from our friendly community. You can donate from the app, with Paypal.

Effortless Collaboration

Upload unlimited tracks and stems effortlessly and invite as many collaborators as you need to your projects. View activity logs and get automated notifications to know how things progress.

Stem Management Simplified

Audition multi-format stems and audio with synced playback to hear them all together. Manage personalized tags to label and organize your files better. Every audio file has its own compressor, reverb, pan and volume, with audio controls on.

Stem Management Simplified

Password-less & OTP-based

Need to register or sign in? No need for long forms or complex passwords. We send you a one-time-password to your email that you can use to get started instantly.

Password-less & OTP-based

Embeddable Public Playlists

Share your musical creations easily by using Shared Playlists. You can also embed playlists directly into any website to expand your online presence and engage a wider audience.

Embeddable Public Playlists

Audio Controls For Preview

Adjust the compressor, the reverb, the volume or the pan for individual stems on the fly when listening to synced previews with multiple files. Awesome !

Audio Controls For Preview

Donations are Highly Appreciated 🙏

While Softcollab is being developed to do as much as possible for musicians and producers, contributions from the community always helps us greatly.

The platform will stay free for you to use now. We will be launching a payment model sometime around 2024. We hope you use the platform to your heart’s content until then! 🎵 ✨

Create and share public playlists with your audio files.

You can now share all your audio files publicly on a playlist format and showcase it with it’s own unique link.

Public Share

Public Share

Easily share your audio playlists with anyone by generating your own unique link. Visitors can see your whole playlist, listen to your tracks, download, and re-share.

Embed Code

Embed Code

Integrate your playlist seamlessly with any website using our playlist embed code generator. Your playlist can now live anywhere on the web for people to enjoy.

Floating Blob
Easy to use

Easy to use

Invite fellow artists, bandmates, and producers to join your musical journey. Seamlessly blend multiple audio files, try out different mixes, and let yourself focus on simply creating.

Donation Driven

Donation Driven

While we are working on our payment model for the future, the system is free-for-all and completely donations based. We hope for you to try us out and see the power of seamless collaboration.

Secure & Fast

Secure & Fast

We store all your data on some of the world’s most secure and performant servers. Upload and download with blazing speeds. Let us handle your files, you handle the music.

SoftCollab Session Recorder
from the Audio Card(s) straight to the Cloud !

SoftCollab Recorder

Use the Recorder to capture the entire studio or the entire stage at the touch of a button. Upload from the recorder to the SoftCollab Cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Stems?

Stems are high quality audio files, typically 44.1KHz - 16 bit, that contain the audio of an entire instrument track. E.g. The complete vocal track of a song. Usually, they are direct exports from your DAW that use high quality formats (like WAV), start at bar zero, and end when the song ends. Ensuring proper starting and ending points using bars allow collaboraters to easily import stems from others without too much hassle. SoftCollab sends out notifications to collaborators whenever a new stem is uploaded! The MP3 Compressed audio format is not generally recommended to use as stems since it may cause timing/tightness issues.

How do I download to a chosen folder?

Enable the "Ask for Download Location" preference on your browser.

Do I have to pay for storage ?

We're currently working on our payment system to introduce an extremely affordable payment model. Till we release that, feel free to use the free storage. We might suggest a donation once in a while. 😊

Do I have to download anything?

Nope, SoftCollab runs completely on your browser. Any modern browser, any device.

Are my files secure in the SoftCollab server?

Absolutely. Our solution is built on a secure Amazon Storage Server.

Why not just use Google Drive or Dropbox?

SoftCollab is specially built for managing files and stems for music projects. It has a musician-centric stem and project management system, ability to play multi-format audio files in sync, smart notifications for your collaborators, etc.

Can I drag and drop from the browser ?

You can simply drag in files to upload to SoftCollab. For downloading, you can select one or multiple files together and use the Download button.

Where do I contact for support?

If you run across a snag, need more storage, or if you have a question, just write to us using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or use the Help chat button on the site. We'll also gladly read about your suggestions and wishes.

Why are my files converted to 192 kbps MP3?

A compressed version is created for every audio file you upload and used whenever you preview them from SoftCollab portal. The smaller file ensures a smooth experience with any internet connection. However, your original file will be accessible anytime whenever you download them.

How do I share full Mixes/Masters?

You can simply upload a full mixed/mastered track similar to how you upload stems. Share multiple mixes with project members for easy auditioning. They can be previewed and downloaded just like stems. Downloads can be prevented until you say so.

Collaborating has never been easier.

Use SoftCollab as a quick and reliable way to exchanges stems (tracks) between locations, musicians, studios and co-producers alike.


SoftCollab is an online stem sharing and management set of tools that connects musicians, studios and co-producers alike.

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