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SoftCollab is an online audio stem sharing and management platform that enables musicians and producers to store their audio files on the cloud in shared spaces with collaborators. It uses a common folder-based structure for easily managing projects (songs/tracks) and allows the project owners to manage project-specific members for hassle-free online collaboration.

While general file-sharing services such as Google Drive and Dropbox do facilitate online exchange for files, SoftCollab believes that traditional online storage is not enough for musicians - it can be made better for their particular use case.

Music can now be made by producers and musicians who are continents apart. Fortunately, creating a hit no longer requires lugging around heavy instruments to fancy studios. All it needs is musical talent and some way for the audio files to be exchanged. While SoftCollab cannot make the music for you, it certainly can make online collaboration very seamless.

SoftCollab starts its journey with a mission to become the standard for collaborative stem management through a platform that can be accessed via any platform.

How is it different from other online storage services?

SoftCollab is built by an experienced team of musicians and producers who understand the pitfalls of collaborative music-making from personal experience. Creators often end up with unorganized audio files scattered throughout their device, have to constantly download large files in order to audition them in the DAW, have to manage hundreds of folders and sub-folders, etc. - all that and more with the added concern of rising storage costs.

That’s where SoftCollab comes in. The platform is built as a time-saving and cost-effective alternative for music creators to use instead of services like Google Drive and Dropbox. In addition to being a robust cloud storage solution, SoftCollab provides users with a plethora of musician-centric and general unique features:


Online synced playback for multi-format file support


Users can listen to any file individually or synced together with others for instant auditioning. No format restrictions, no downloads, and no DAW required.


Unlimited Projects, Collaborators, Uploads, and Downloads


SoftCollab ensures a hassle-free collaborative experience with no limitation on the number of projects (tracks or songs), files, or collaborators users can have. The BETA phase will only have a free storage limit that can be extended via customized storage plans by contacting SoftCollab.


Double-Click Document Preview


Users can upload and read through documents such as music sheets and lyrics without the need to download them. Popular formats such as PDF and TXT are supported.


Project-based collaborator management


For users working with multiple groups, they can pick and choose which of their invitees get access to which project. This helps to make sure that only the right people have access to the right projects.


Magic Links


For those who are bad at remembering passwords, an email address is all you need to keep your SoftCollab account secure. Users can access their accounts anytime via a special link sent to their registered email.


Addon - AudioBin Recorder


A recorder for all platforms that can record all inputs from the system at the same time and upload directly to a connected SoftCollab account.

With more and more exciting things to come, SoftCollab looks forward to making the process of online music collaboration simple for users at any level.


Activity Log


The activity log helps project owners and collaborators to stay up-to-date regarding all changes and updates happening on the project.

The log panel provides users with detailed information about all important events that occur, along with showing users’ notes during upload.


Enable Disable Download


Projects owners have the power to decide whether downloads for files are available or unavailable for its members. Perfect for commercial producers, sound engineers, and studios who want to protect the high quality versions of their mixes and masters until the right moment.

SoftCollab is completely free with 5GB Storage.

Anyone can sign up today for free through SoftCollab.com and use the platform for up to 5GB of free storage. That’s more than enough for a few full-fledged tracks!

Users that need more than 5GB of storage can email contact@SoftCollab.com for a customized storage plan until premium plans are introduced.

The full version is planned to launch in 2023 under a freemium pay-per-use model that is flexible and affordable for users at any level. The introductory free 5GB storage, however, will stay in place even after the full launch.

How can I use SoftCollab now?

Visit SoftCollab.com to get started. Create a project, upload some files, and add some collaborators to get going!

Got questions? Feel free to reach out to contact@SoftCollab.com for any further information.

Collaborating has never been easier.

Use SoftCollab as a quick and reliable way to exchanges stems (tracks) between locations, musicians, studios and co-producers alike.

SoftCollab is an online stem sharing and management tool that connects musicians, studios and co-producers alike.

Mail us at contact@softcollab.com

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